Critical Comment: conflict?

The following comment was sent by “Anonymous”, but on another page. It seems appropriate here also, because it brings up serious issues.

Would his serving on the boards of two banks in the immediate vicinity be a conflict of interest? Has Steve B. consented for his name to be placed in nomination? But anyway, since his name will not be on the proxy, the only people who might vote for him are those shareholders who attend the annual meeting – probably representing less than 1% of the shares.”

The answers are: Steve will do whatever is necessary to avoid any conflict of interest. That is in his character. His integrity is one of the primary reasons he is the first nominee. And yes, of course Steve consented to having his name place in nomination. I asked him prior to presenting the nomination to bank board last December. 

Can anybody point out the two errors in the last sentence of “Anonymous’s” statement above? They may seem insignificant, but they are critical in this campaign.

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