Update on voting your shares

Comment by Robert  Schuster.“If you bought your shares thru a brokerage your shares are probably registered in street name. When you receive your proxy in the mail there is a box that you check indicating that you wish to vote your shares in person. If you vote on the internet and use proxy vote just check the box stating that you wish to vote your own shares and submit. If you vote by mail check the box and mail in. You will receive a power of attorney from the holder of the shares that you present at the annual meeting and vote there. Very easy to do.” Thanks, Robert.

One comment on “Update on voting your shares

  1. Here is wording at the bottom of a proxy I recently received for shares (not PNBC) held in a brokerage account. I presume that this option would be necessary to vote brokerage shares on a director nomination made at the annual meeting.

    “Legal Proxy

    “Choose this option only if you plan to attend and vote your shares at the meeting.

    “IMPORTANT: By choosing this option, we are precluded from voting your shares on your behalf. A Legal Proxy covering your securities will be issued to you. Your Legal Proxy must be presented at the meeting for your shares to be represented. Do not make any other marks on this ballot.”

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