More attorneys?

I was out of town over the super bowl weekend. When I returned I had two telephone messages from a Mr. David Braun requesting that I contact him regarding my “webpage”. He apparently works for Howard and Howard at the Troy, Michigan offices. That law firm is listed in some of the SEC filings as a firm that represents Princeton National Bancorp, Inc. Why he would be calling me is a mystery. Why the bank would be spending more money on attorneys is even more so.

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  1. Well, Citizens Bank is a major advertiser in local newspapers, such as the Bureau County Republican and the LaSalle Post-Tribune. That might discourage local papers from covering adverse publicity.

    Another reason: most, if not all, the “news stories” on the bank result from news releases that the bank issues. The stories are essentially spoon-fed by the bank. And, local papers will undoubtedly say that they do not have the staff to develop their own, independent stories on the bank.

    There was a recent story on some of PNBC’s problems in one of the Chicago papers, either the Tribune or the Sun-Times. It included a phone interview with Tom Ogaard.

  2. Definitely no favoritism towards Amcore, CFNB is part of the facade that Princeton is some Norman Rockwell painting. It could be a nice place if someone could shine a spotlight on the bad seeds that try to run that town…A lot of the citizens that live there are very nice people that would not approve of all the shenanigans…

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