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  1. How bad do the numbers have to be?

    I asked myself that question when Todd1320wb posted on Yahoo that another Illinois bank had been taken over last Friday. That bank was Charter National Bank in Hoffman Estates. The only stat that he reported was NPA of 16% for Charter and intimated that Citizens was next because their NPA was 11%. So far the numbers are true. But lets look at all the numbers and make a comparison.

    Charter Tier 1 Lev. Ratio Tier1 risk based Ratio Total Risk Based NPA%

    .09 .13 .25 16

    Citizens 3.93 5.91 7.18 11

    The numbers for Charter are so bad that I’m amazed that they were not closed long ago.

    Now I realize that there is more to determining the viability of a bank than just the raw data,but the numbers have to tell us something.

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