Who we are.

We aren’t some fans in the cheap seats that point their fingers and boo the players. We are the Owners and we should start acting like it. If we believe that someone has been running this bank into the ground, then we have been sitting here watching them do it.

It is our call, now. We can shake our heads and wonder or, with the annual meeting coming up, we can take charge. I’ve heard enough complaining. It goes nowhere. We can make the proper adjustments, regain our focus, renew our determination, and do what is necessary to change our course.

Do the work.

We all have to vote.

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  1. There are more than just those names that have been harassed and/or discriminated against! The reason you have not heard of others is money – well, lack thereof of some of us who could not afford legal representation!

  2. Wow. As an ex-employee of Citizens, I am so sad to read what a debacle Citizens has turned into. It kind of angers me that I worked my tail off at that place for a number of years for little pay for them to spend all of their time chasing a dozen skirts (which they did – I knew that). While I am sure that the writing is on the wall for the end of Citizens, I hope there is a chance that something can come out of the voting at the annual meeting. It would be hard blow to Princeton to lose an institution that has been around since 1865 and not to mention jobs, especially operations jobs. I’m no longer in P-ton, but a couple of people had asked me what was up at CFNB. I found this website by sniffing around the internet. Thanks to all of those who are trying to fight for the shareholders (and the community) and for a gathering place of information on the bad soap opera at Citizens.

    Shame on those who fiddled while Citizens burned!

    • The due date is today. Last year it was filed on March 30, also. Apparently it is not uncommom for filers to wait until the last day.

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