Let’s All Vote

Bob Schuster

Lets Start a Movement!

Let me say first, that I believe that Dave has put together the best site available to provide a forum for shareholders to communicate with each other, and provide needed information on PNBC.
That being said, I also believe that not enough shareholders are aware of the site and if they were they would make the necessary arrangements to vote their shares in person at the annual meeting. With that in mind I asked myself what if each shareholder that knows about the site called just one friend or relative that they know and asked if they have been out to MYPNBC? This morning I decided to call a friend of mine that I knew held shares in PNBC and asked that question,he was not aware of the site. He also wants to vote his shares at the annual meeting. I explained what he had to do to accomplish that,and I asked if he knew anyone who held shares in PNBC and he said he did. I asked him to contact that person and let him/her know about MYPNBC.
If everyone just contacted one shareholder and that person then contacted a friend I can see a movement starting. MYPNBC can sell itself, but we have to make everyone aware that this wonderful resource exists.

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  1. It will be interesting to see how the directors address themselves at the annual meeting. I can think of several scenarios:

    Keep the presentation going until the attendees are hungry for the “free” lunch, and then maybe take a few questions – that are shrugged off. (Sort of like past meetings?)

    Take a defensive posture – no problem here, we are being treated unfairly by you shareholders.

    We have made some mistakes, mea culpa, but we’re listening to you now, and we’re getting this ship turned around. Thank you for your continued support.

    Personally, I want to hear from the present and past audit committe members, who will answer our detailed questions.

    Here are some questions that should be asked and answered at the meeting:

    What were the details and circumstances of Kim Bettasso’s termination and payoff? No sense hiding behind any non-disclosure stipulation – it’s slowly becoming public through Kim’s divorce procedings.

    What was the bank’s knowledge or involvement, including that of their emplyees and law firms, in the purchase of 7 Pawnee Ct, Putnam? Who were all the principals involved?

    Who, among directors and officers, were aware of the illicit affair between Tony and his subordinate, Kim? And, when (please give dates)?

    How much company time and money has been wasted with the Tony-Kim affair? Can this be recovered from those responsible?

    • Here are some more questions:

      What’s the plan for increasing capitalization, as req’d by feds?

      Plan for achieving profitability?

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