Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power.

I assume that if you are viewing this sight that you own stock in PNBC, or are looking at the stock as a potential purchase. As a stock investor, I believe that a person cannot have too much information, on which to base their investment decisions.

I have found what I believe is the most comprehensive site available to look at all the SEC form 4 filings for PNBC or any company you choose. The filings are all in one place and go back to 2003. You can click on any one person and see all the purchases, option awards,sales,option executes etc. If you get tired of the SEC site and going back and forth, this is the site for you. If you look at each officer/director for the last 9 years you will have an awakening. If you are having trouble going back to 2003 on the site just reply and I will help.

Here is the link.

When you analyze the data some of the questions I ask myself are:

How long has a particular person been on the board?
How many shares of stock have they purchased with their own money?
How many shares of stock have been given as stock options?
Have the stock option awards increased over the years?
Have they sold shares?
How much is each director being paid in cash for serving. (This is not available on this site)

As you know from my prior postings I love data, and put a lot of faith in it.

Go to the site do your own research,come to the annual meeting, and vote with knowledge.