Well, I thought this might happen. I think I know the problem and I considered it when I sent in the demand. I’ll try it again with a revision or two and see if I’m right.

I keep thinking how much easier the election will go next year with all this practice. I wonder if the board thinks about it. Is their goal here what is best for the bank or what is best for the board members who are up for election? See “List demand” on the menu at right to see original demand/request for a stockholder list and tell me how the disclosure of that list would be detrimental to the stockholders, i.e. the bank.

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  1. Disrespectful of them not to tell you where your demand fell short of compliance. I guess you have to figure it out for yourself in time for it to be “practicable” for them to respond. Their true colors are showing.

  2. Keep those attorneys fat and happy. Another in a long line of bad decisions. Play the game and give precedence to self and lawyers over the employees and shareholders. That’s what we love about these guys and gals.

    • Beat them at their own game. Hire a securities attorney to review and revise your demand letter.

  3. It’s kind of a catch 22. Normally a good way to show your displeasure with a company is to take your business (in this case deposits/loans) elsewhere. But in this case that would hurt the stock price in the end (wouldnt it?). Grrrr!

    • If they keep going in the same direction they have gone for years they may find themselves with protesters outside of their corporate office. I doubt the public is too happy about the money they owe the American taxpayer in addition to all of the other nonsense and they are not in a position currently to repay the principal or the interest in arrears on the TARP funds.They need to learn that a little humility can go along way. Pride and arrogance usually do not advance public image/relations towards a positive light.

  4. I’m sensing a lot of fear on the part of the bank’s directors and senior management. Fear about what will happen to them and of being held accountable for their mismanagement. Fear of the sexual harassment lawsuit – after the bank’s motion for dismissal was essentially laughed out of court. Fear of the shareholders and the possibility of our becoming organized. Fear of the 14a-8 proposal. Fear that additional key employees will leave and take customers with them, particularly ag. Fear of the Feds.

    Fear – all resulting in circling the wagons and getting lawyered up.

    • Ag! Oh man i had to laugh, a recent photo ad had an ag assistant as one of the features! Pretty bad when ag is using ads that include a person who does not even know how to pump gasoline in her car let alone relate to anything agribusiness! That was a bad move, they really need to get someone credible in there!

      • Amazing how you would know whether or not a staff member pumps their own gas, however not know that same assistant has been in agribusiness for most of her life. I applaud the Bank for including her in the ad to remind ag customers they can still expect to see a familiar face that has competently taken care of them for many years.

        I thought this site was to be informative on making positive changes, not to bash the staff that gives 110% to providing excellent customer service!

        • It is unfortunate that out of the 240 odd comments that have appeared on this site, one has offended you. We like to think that while we are not perfect, we are trying 100% to make a positive difference exactly in the very lives of those same employees of which you speak. In doing so, in a large part for their benefit, we get bashed by you. But that’s o.k. we can take it. Keep the thoughts coming.

        • Before you hail their efforts you should know that some of the female employees which includes the agri business department you think so highly off helped cover for Miller’s and Tony’s indiscretions and ran to the audit committee to get women fired that either challenged the male management or they were resentful when any female employee took any initiative to improve that place for the better. They knew everything that was going on yet they backed their bosses and tried to get the other women fired to curry favors for themselves. They were also instrumental towards the employment issues there.

          • What could anyone possibly have received that would have been worth such bad behavior? And who was/is on the audit committee and what did they have to do with firing anyone?

            • Audit committee is supposed to work with Risk Management which is my understanding. They can serve as an internal whistleblower program for illegal activity, compliance problems, etc. that can jeopardize the bank. I think you can see who is on the audit commitee by going to PNBC’s website. They list their audit committee members. The committee is comprised of board of directors but usually has the VP of Risk Management as the company/employee liason.

  5. Cant readily locate the questions section, so here goes…can they see who employees vote for?

  6. Wow, did anyone see the list of commercial and residential REO’s on CFNB’s website?? I would be curious to see all of the lis pendens to see what is coming down the pike. It would give everyone a good idea where CFNB will be considering most of their financial woes are related to real estate. I noticed that commercial real estate in the Illinois Valley has been listed for sale with Mark Janko, one of the directors. Does he earn a commission to sell real estate over a financial debacle that he helped oversee or is he waiving his commission in his “commitment to serve”?

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