Can’t find a filing

Where are the 2011 year-end and 2012 quarterly filings?  The SEC site indicates that they take electronic filings until 10:30 p.m. I suppose it is possible that the filing won’t appear on the SEC site until Monday. Any information on this? The last filings they made on Jan. 4, 2012 were available the same day by 5:00 p.m.

As previously posted, “this deadline can be missed by filing a  form 12b-25 by the end of the day Monday. That would give them an extension to the 15th.” Maybe that is what will take place.

The NASDAQ site says that it requires a press release in the event a listed company is going to file late. It does not say that the press release needs to indicate that there will be a late filing.

The bank’s press release timing at 5:30 p.m., our time, was after the SEC and NASDAQ closed.

It is time for the bank to communicate.

Press Release IS an Error

Modified 4/2/2012   So in the end the press release was an error, not for the original reason we thought, but because of the reasons listed here in the post called

Bank: “Disregard news release.”

I got a little ahead of myself not to mention out of my league in the banking world and posted that there was an error in the press release issued by the bank on Friday evening. Through discussions and input from others I have been corrected and need to make that known to everyone. I left the erroneous statement up in this post and just crossed it out, and I changed the title of this post from, “Press Release Error” to “Press release NOT an Error”. Thanks to each person who pitched in and helped to correct me.

Modified Sat p.m. 4:50 3/31/12 See Doug Criner’s comment under Here We Go Again

Modified Sat. morning 3/31/12 10:20 a.m. There is discussion occurring under the heading Here We Go Again on this topic as to whether or not there actually is an error. Thanks for the input and hopefully we can get this hashed out. All of this would be clear if we have the filing.

We know there is an error in the press release posted on It was referenced in a few comments under the post, “Here We Go Again.” Both ratios cannot be correct. Which one is? Maybe neither. We won’t know until the correct information is submitted. If you know what inputs are used, you could calculate the ratios yourself. I don’t know.

It said in the press release,  “Inquiries should be directed to: Lou Ann Birkey Vice President – Investor Relations Princeton National Bancorp, Inc. (815) 872-6131”  Please inquire. By the time that is an option, the filing of the 10-k should be available online. You should be able to go to or the edgar search site and type in Princeton National Bancorp and be able to find all the info you want.

Keep in mind that even the posted information is not guaranteed to be correct. Make the call before jumping off the bridge, figuratively speaking.

My very limited experience with filing leads me to believe that the filers have until midnight or even later for the filing to get through. It is the government, that’s why.

Here we go again

As of 8:55 a.m. PNBC stock is trading at $3.90 with a volume of over 259,000 according to yahoo finance. The value has been as high as $4.40. Will the annual report for 2011 give some insight or is this really only pump and dump? It is due out today.

Update 11:05a.m. $3.88 with volume of over 625,000 according to yahoo finance. I have no  filing yet.

Closing today: According to Yahoo finance, the value at the bell was $3.72 and the volume was 777,513 for the day.

After Hours Trading continues. 3:39 p.m.  800 share between $3.75 and $3.80 according to

Trading is now apparently closed at 5:30 p.m. After hours trading, according to nasdaq amounted to a total of 3400 shares between $3.69 and $3.80