Seriously people. The tales are intriguing and vindication usually rewards us with feelings of great satisfaction. I know that the rumors have been flying around town unsubstantiated for a few years. Sure, it feels good to get all the venom out, but if we are satisfied with just that, then we fail. Those uplifting feelings will be fleeting, and then what? Keep watching the same people doing the same things? How will that feel?

We have a couple of hundred jobs at stake in town and I don’t know how many more in other communities just like ours. We can change this if we are willing to go to work and get out the vote. We have a very formidable obstacle in front of us and it will still take a great deal of effort.

I don’t know if we’ll get a list of shareholders in time to use it this year for direct shareholder communication and enlightenment. Even without it, we have to get the word out about this site, and the situation at the bank. We really need to make people aware of our goals. We need to keep focused on getting out the vote.  I still run into a lot of people who have no idea what is going on here, so we have room for improvement. I know it is not as glamorous or titillating as some of the more salacious aspects, but please don’t let the momentum die down now when we’re so close.

We can elect a new director, pass a proxy access proposal and begin the change in 2012.