Shareholder contact

I expect to hear this week if I have been granted access to the list of shareholders. My second demand letter went in on March 6th. The list must be made available, anyway,  10 days prior to the annual meeting, but by that time, a lot of proxies could be filled out and sent back in, giving the voting power to the board. Not necessarily a good thing. Keep in mind that anyone can revoke their proxy, especially by attending the meeting. No one will be able to vote for Steve by sending in a proxy. His name will not be on it.

Someone suggested here that I take ads out in the local papers as a way to ensure shareholders were aware of this site and the information available. If there are any other good ideas out there, please send them in.  In the mean time please tell someone new about this site, today.

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  1. They have Frank arrested….Seriously CFNB?? You didnt even have employees who stole from the company arrested oh wait one was and one wasnt guess it’s one of those who you are and who you know moments. I dont even know Frank and have to believe he’s way better off now anyway.

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