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The substance of the following information is verifiable by going to the Putnam County website or the courthouse.
The following comment from “answers” under the “audit committee” post seems verifiable, but we would need someone to get to the Putnam County Courthouse. This link to the site seems to follow the same trail. One more verification ought to do it. I cannot do it myself for several days. Does anybody want to carry the flag for a while? Let’s get this done and over.
If this is true, what a shame and disappointment it will be. If it isn’t, then let’s be on to better things.
Bad decisions or even mismanagement are bad enough. But if this is what it appears to be then there is another, much more serious issue at stake. We may not need an election or resignations, the feds may step in and remove these people.
There is at least one more comment under “audit committee” that relates to this.

Answers – spent some money, asked the proper people, received some great help!
Property: Lake Thunderbird, 7 Pawnee Ct, Putnam County.
History will start MLS listing# 0609878, asking price $115,000. Listing Agent T. Hansen with Realty Connections.
Selling agent: L Kirby with Sterling Realty
Selling Financing: Cash
Home “2 bedroom, 2 bath, fireplace, central air, deck, ¾ acre wooded lot with rolling terrain located on private cul-de-sac” Garage Type:” NONE”. Per MLS.
Putnam County has on record a PTAX-203 Illinois Real Estate Transfer Declaration
PTAX parcel ID number 03-00-080-020
Full actual consideration $111,000.00
Date: August 30, 2006
Doc No.: 06-1001 Roll: 101 Page: 734
Seller Information: First Midwest Bank, as Trustee of Land Trust No. 95-5462 dated the 16th of January, 1995
Seller’s or agent’s signature: John Isaacson, Agent
Buyer Information: Robert M. McBride, P.O. Box 101, Putnam, IL 61560
Buyers or agent signature: John Isaacson, Agent
Mail tax bill to: Robert M. McBride
Preparer Information:
John Isaacson of Angel, Isaacson & Tracy, 111 Park Avenue East, Princeton, IL 61356
Preparer’s daytime phone: 815-875-6551
Trustee’s Deed in Trust recorded in Putnam Co. Roll 101 of mic ro page: 734
Deed between First Midwest Bank as Trustee Trust number 95-5463 and Trust Agreement dated August 23, 2006 as T7 Land Trust #7
4 page document prepared By: John Isaacson of Angle, Isaacson & Tracy, 111 Park Ave East, Princeton, IL 61356
Return Document after recording to J. Isaacson – ENV

Application for a Putnam County Building Permit: 22’x22’ garage, 484 sq ft., estimated cost $10,000.
Owner: Kim BETTASSO, 7 Pawnee – Putnam, date: 11-28-06
Fee for permit: $25.00 paid in cash

Lake Thunderbird Architectural Control Request for Permit:
Member Name Kim BETTASSO, 7 Pawnee, Putnam, Lake Thunderbird, IL
Permit Number: 1013
Request for Permit Approved: 11-01-2006

Moving forward CFNB is now the Billion Dollar status position: GREAT JOB Mr. President and Board. Looks like the dream came true Billion Dollar Bank “Thanks A Billion”?

01/08/2010: 7 Pawnee Ct, Lake Thunderbird listed For Sale
MLS # 07410834asking price: $129,000.
Remarks: “wooded lot, 2 bedrooms 2 bath, large deck, oversized 2 plus car garage”
List Agent: L Nowak
Owner: OOR
Trustee’s Deed in Trust between Robert M. McBride, T7 Land Trust #7 and Thomas A. Tonozzi, as Trustee under Trust Agreement dated Aug. 23, 2006 known as
T7 Land Trust #7. Dated 2/19/2010. Recorded # 481 Doc # 10-0122 3 pages.
Putnam Co. Document Prepared By and Returned to:
Thomas A. Tonozzi, 222 E St Paul. Spring Valley, IL 61362

PTAX-203 Illinois Real Estate
Parcel: 03-00-080-020, Property 7 Pawnee Ct. Putnam Co.
Date Sept. 7, 2010, Doc. No.: 10-0905 Roll: 113 Page: 781
Sale Price: $98,500.00
Seller Information: Thomas A. Tonozzi
Preparer Information: Law Office Tonozzi
Buyer: Crawley, Ryan J.

I am told the above is recorded in the Putnam Co Court House, Lake Thunderbird Office and or the Putnam Zoning Office.
Thanks to all the people who assisted on this in a timely matter.

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  1. Bettasso (FRANK) claimed the Pawnee Ct, Lake Thunderbird property as a marital asset.
    Sorcic scrambled in 48 hours with his attorneys (Isaason and Tracy) . Produced a new written trust agreement reflecting only Tony and his two sons having interest in the property. (No Dona Sorcic having ZERO ownership)

    Sorcic advanced the CASH for his mistress to purchase the property.

    • And Kim signed as owner to have the garage built. Tony sure had the money to pay cash. But how does CFNB come up on the tax bill? Is the bank involved somehow, or not? I mean involved financially. . .

  2. Isaacson & Tracy should be investigated for conflict of interest. They may be on the hook for future claims/suits against them and the bank. If they tried to keep Tony Sorcic out of the spotlight at the expense of the bank and its shareholders, then they should be disbarred. The gall!

    OK, it may be said that it’s just a rumor. But how many rumors have come true, so far?

  3. The $275K settlement between the bank and Kim Bettasso was surely drafted by attorneys. Who? I’m guessing Angel, Isaacson & Tracy, the bank’s local attorneys. At that point, Tony Sorcic was still president and on the board – presumably calling the shots? Surely, the board’s approval would have been required for any such payoff.

    The board of directors must have been asleep at the switch, or worse.

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