They’ve got Lawyers

This is a copy of the letter from Howard & Howard, the bank directors’ attorneys telling me that I can’t get access to the shareholder list. I am not at home, and this came to me via a scan, so it is actually a photo of the letter. If you click on the letter, it will enlarge to a full screen image that is easier to read.No shareholder list      In fact I believe that my demand does indeed comply with the statutory requirements of Delaware General Corporation Law. These nice fellows are just stonewalling so I will not get the list in time to contact more shareholders. Big surprise. I will see the list 10 days prior to the meeting, according to Delaware General Corporation Law and  I’ll have it for next year.

Does anyone think this type of legal maneuvering is a good thing for the bank?

No surprise, though. It just means we’ll have to work a little harder.

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  1. To “Answers”–

    You didn’t answer my question.

    I want to know if those 2 local attys were paid out of Tony’s own pocket for his own misdeeds or if the bank has the attorneys on a retainer for their services, which includes getting things covered up for the bank officers when they mis-behave in our community. In that case it wouldn’t be a loss to the officer personally but to the corporate body.

    And then to add insult to injury, the bank pays the offending officer a large severance package while we all meekly accept our losses?

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