In Summary

We have managed to include a shareholder proposal on the proxy for the 2012 annual meeting. It will allow the name of a qualified director candidate, nominated by shareholders, to be included on any future proxy. Of course the board is recommending a vote against this proposal.

We have also succeeded in being allowed by the board, to nominate a well qualified candidate (he is currently a director for another bank) from the floor. You can vote for him, but his name, at the board’s discretion, will not be on the proxy ballot.  That is the reason that we want all shareholders to attend the annual meeting so they can make up their own minds as to who the directors should be.  For persons who can attend the meeting we are asking them to make the necessary arrangements to vote their shares in person.

You indicated an interest in a meeting of interested shareholders to discuss these matters and we are working on that. I will keep you in the loop as to meeting plans and any other meaningful developments.

2 comments on “In Summary

  1. I am new here. When and where is the meeting? I did not see anything on it, but I might have missed it.

    • We haven’t confirmed the time and place. We had a poll up near the top earlier, to see if there was any interest in such a meeting. There was. I will put the poll up on top again. Just click on the yes if you are interested. we are probably looking at early to mid April, depending somewhat on the date of the annual meeting.

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