Upcoming meeting of concerned shareholders

Thanks to all who expressed an interest in a shareholder meeting.  Once plans are finalized, I will ask you to send me your names and emails by a certain date so I can contact you with the details and make sure we have enough space. If you are interested and did not have a chance to answer the poll that was up, just your names and emails is all it will take.

4 comments on “Upcoming meeting of concerned shareholders

  1. As a courtesy, I propose that the directors be invited to attend. (No lawyers, though.) I’d bet they will decline – in which case, we tried.

  2. Great meeting locations – two ideas!
    Galleria Convention Center N Main Princeton
    Uptown Grill LaSalle

    Send the bill to CFNB expense it out for the shareholders

    • You’re thinking way to small – we will need a larger venue! ;>) Maybe there is someplace in Peoria, Rockford, or the quad cities?

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