Shareholder meeting signup

Just received this by email. “Don’t we need date & time before we determine if we and our spouse can attend? Also confused as to the end of which week to reply.” Nice way of saying I screwed this up. I haven’t nailed down the date and time obviously, but will let you know as soon as I know. I will post the date when it is confirmed. The rest I will send by email, so send me your info if interested in receiving that. Please send me that info by the 7th. If you think both of you might come and then one cancels out, that works.

Original post is below. Thanks for the correction. . . above

After we have a little time to analyze the 2011 year-end statement, we will send you information on the date and time of the concerned shareholder meeting.  To receive this information, please send your name, email and telephone number to along with the number of people planning to attend. Spouses/partners who are not shareholders are welcome. I would like to have this information by the end of the week so we can accurately plan. The information you send me will not be shared.

the email is: