Trading Apr 2

Pre market trading @4000 shares at $3.33 according to CNBC rt and Yahoo.

Update 11:30 a.m. my time. 167,972 shares traded:  trading at $2.75 according to Yahoo.

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  1. I heard a comment from a fellow shareholder regarding Tom Ogaard’s purchasing 300-odd shares during the flash-buy. The implication was that maybe he was putting his money where his mouth is – or maybe, as an insider, he knows what is happening or going to happen. Well, maybe not.

    My take is that he exercised a stock option, awarded to him, free of charge, by the bank’s directors, some time ago. When, for a short time, the market price spiked up above his option’s strike price, he exercised the option. Whether he raced, sold, and beat the market decline is anyone’s guess. But while his attention was focused on his own small stock option, the market for the stock was going wild, the 10K filing date to the SEC was missed, and who knows what other important business was going on – important to the bank, the shareholders, the employees, and the communities served, etc.

    • Far be it for me to defend Tom Ogaard but here goes. If you go to the site I have listed below it will show all Sec 4 filings for Tom. You will see that Tom purchases a like amount of shares each couple of months. You will also see the stock option awards listed separately.
      This site is a wealth of information if you want to follow insider stock purchases and option awards. The information goes back 8 years and you can track each director and see how generous the board has been with our money.

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