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The good news is that the filing due date does not fall on Friday the 13th, as corrected by an astute comment. It must fall on Monday the 16th. Following is from the SEC calendar site.

“If a filing due date falls on a weekend or SEC holiday, the filing is due on the following business day.” 

That renders my assumption below, posted earlier, totally inaccurate. Thanks for the correction.

I believe the 10-k is now due on by the 14th of April. The regs say they have 15 calendar days from the original due date. That was the 30th of March. Since the 14th is a Saturday, and the SEC doesn’t accept filing on Saturdays, it would seem likely that the annual report would need to be filed by the end of the day Friday, the 13th. What kind of omen is that? Let’s hope they file prior to the deadline, and have some good news, for a change.

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  1. I may be getting mixed up here – but March 30 was a Friday – and didn’t the bank somehow have until the following Monday to file? Or did they just fail to file on Friday, and then submitted their request for an extension of time on Monday?

    By the way, the 10K is submitted to the SEC – and the numbers should be for the holding company, PNBC, not the Citizens Bank. I don’t think the SEC can close banks – or perhaps even scold them. My sense is that the SEC’s main baliwick is stock manipulation, right?

    Is the OCC’s recent “immeditate action letter” (or whatever it’s called) available on the OCC’s website? I couldn’t find it, or maybe I just didn’t know where to look.

    • For a late filing notice, the bank had one business day, after the due date to file a late filing notice. The 10-k was due on the 30th of March, 90 days after the end of their year. I think you’re correct on the rest. I don’t believe that all of the OCC communications to the bank need to be public although maybe they should be publicized.

  2. I interpret it differently. If the due date is in a weekend, I would think they have til the following Monday. Kind of like if your loan payment is due on the weekend, you have until Monday bc you’re on Monday’s business day?

    • You could be exactly right. I just know that on 3/30/2012 a 10-k was accepted at the SEC at 5:30 p.m.ET and listed as filed on 3/30/2012 The same day, 3/30/2012 at 5:44 p.m. ET the next 10-k, along with an NT10-k, the late filing notice, was accepted but the filing was listed as having been filed on 4/2/2012, the following Monday. But you could be right, as I said. I think the point of the 15 days is basically that if that deadline is met, then the 10-k will not be considered as late filed, as long as the NT-k has been filed, too.

      • The previous comment is exactly right. From the SEC sight itself. “If a filing due date falls on a weekend or SEC holiday, the filing is due on the following business day.”

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