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2010/2011 College of Business Advisory Council

Tony Sorcic ’75, M.B.A. ’76 
Retired President & CEO
Citizens First National Bank

Founded in 1865, Citizens First National Bank is a $1 billion community bank with professional, highly motivated employees who know the bank’s customers and provide individualized, quality service.  Citizens currently offers a complete range of investment, commercial, and retail banking products and services through 21 offices conveniently located throughout North Central Illinois.

Princeton National Bancorp Inc. is the parent holding company of Citizens First National Bank. Since the formation of the holding company, seven acquisitions have been completed with the banks acquired subsequently being merged into Citizens First National Bank. Recently retired, Tony Sorcic provided strategic direction and management for the bank and holding company. During his 26-year tenure, Citizens has grown to be the largest agribusiness credit bank in the state of Illinois.

Community service has been a top priority throughout Sorcic’s career. As a result of his example and encouragement, his staff typically provides more than 12,000 hours of volunteer service each year. Sorcic has dedicated himself to assisting non-profits which he has an interest in.  He also is working on establishing a Leadership Institute.

The College of Business Advisory Council is a group of corporate and professional leaders who gather as a whole twice a year and more frequently in subcommittees for current affairs, development, membership, and partnerships to provide advice to the dean of the college on the mission, program, and other aspects of the College of Business.


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  1. They should be ashamed to walk the streets in town for what they did. Many people lost money while these two didnt do their jobs and bonuses too!Tar and feathers are too good for them!

  2. Does ISU business college know of the pending demise of the 145 year old $1 B bank and why its failing?

  3. This guy is a real piece of work.

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