Buffalo Springfield

If you’re old enough but not too old, this will make sense to you. Simple bewilderment expressed simply.

There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear

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    • How much $$$ do you get Stephanie if the bank goes down? Would you be in line with the others?

  1. I have been fighting Citizens for the past 3 years, Anonymous. Your guess is as good as mine how this will all end and what will happen if the shareholders choose to file a class action. Another thing to consider is if the shareholders are successful what assets can they legally seize to pay any rewards? It is not uncommon in a civil action lawsuit to win and never see a dime because the defendant has their wealth directed towards protected assets such as their home or retirement which may be exempt from being seized by the courts. Other commenters on this site have already observed the filings of quitclaim deeds to protect marital assets….However, from what I know of Tenants by the Entirety in Illinois that privilege is only given on primary residences for married couples. I am presuming that any unmarried defendants’ primary residences may be fair game.

    • You bring a question to mind, Anonymous that I was curious about. As part of Citizens executive compensation package I believe they are eligible for a pension based on their years of service. I am guessing if the bank goes under that the pension fund is dissolved? Do the past and present executive officers (directors, too?) lose their retirement pension if the bank is shut down by the FDIC?

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