Proposal 4: Stockholder Proposal

Obviously I will vote for this. I proposed it.  You may read the full text of the Proxy Access Proposal , along with the text of the email from the bank. The email states the reason that my nominee’s name will not be included on this year’s ballot. But it essentially gives us the only reason we need a proxy access proposal in the first place.

The objections put forth by the board or their attorneys is transparent to the point of childishness. Their arguments are misleading and false. This proposal if passed, would require the board to put all the nominee’s names on the ballot, not just the names of their own candidates. But please vote as you see fit, and feel free to ask any questions if you need clarification.

If you do a little research on proxy access proposals, several of which were put forth across the country this year, it may yield some insight as to the proficiency of their attorneys. More on that later, maybe.