2 comments on “legal vs beneficial ownership

  1. Did Todd@yahoo go ahead and short his shares? I do not see him posting anymore and given pnbc is trading at around $120 per share was guessing he got out…

    • FYI – In fairness to full disclosure I covered my short (forced by Schwab) due to daily settlement rules per NASD. I would continue to short but the shares are too damn hard to borrow because of the small float of shares and the unwillingness of long holders to lend out their stock, otherwise I would short every share I could get my hands on. As I told all of you months ago, this sucker is going to 0.

      Your dumb-ass management and board of directors has no plan to raise capital because home gamers, its too late. The party is truly over. The countdown to FDIC receivership has already begun. By the way if this POS is lucky enough to make it to the annual shareholders meeting, and if any of you are bold enough to go to it, I would personally pay to see any of you rip the mgmt and board to shreds. They might just need a police escort to make it out of the building in one piece.

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