It really means nothing.

I interpreted LouAnn’s remark to mean that, as far as actually trading the stock, the change from NASDAQ to OTC meant nothing for the average shareholder. It appears that she was really forecasting the effect on the value of the stock when the change took place. PNBC stock closed at $0.20 today. That’s right, twenty cents per share. All the shares put together are worth less than $700,000. Let’s put that in perspective. At $30 per share, and that was not the highest, the stock was valued at over $99,000,000. Ninety Nine Million Dollars. Now it is worth less than Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars.

In my terms, every One Thousand Dollar investment the shareholders had, turned into Seven Dollars and seven cents, as of today. Is it time to buy more or wait until the market softens a little?