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Sometimes the comments that come in begin to degrade essentially, into name calling and bad mouthing of the people who comment on this site. The back and forth then begins and nothing of any value comes of it. I love the one who laments that the problem with this site is that it allows anonymous comments. This person moans about this anonymously, of course. Go figure.

I have closed the comments on a few posts previously, sometimes because this type of  blather begins to take over. Sometimes people just run out of pertinent things to say. I have been reluctant to censor these types of comments outright, up until the annual meeting. I have deleted a couple particularly nasty comments since then. They were from the status quo bunch, gloating over their victory. Good luck to you.

Cheap shots have been slung from both sides. It is easy to do. It doesn’t take a lot of effort nor a lot of thought. It may be entertaining up to a point, but not usually all that constructive or instructive.

This site remains intact to follow the bank progress whether for the good or bad. I think most hope for the good. I do.

The comments that viciously disparage other participants rather than addressing the comments and ideas put forth, are uncalled for most of the time. The ones that accuse participants of trying to harm the bank are particularly irksome as it seems that this bank has repeatedly shot itself in the foot, maybe a few other body parts,  and then in the head. I don’t think any more significant harm to the bank was done, nor can any more be done, by any comments here.

I can understand the frustration of those that defended the status quo. They got what they wanted and they bear some measure of responsibility for what is happening to the bank, the employees and the communities. What a load to shoulder. I wish them well, though. I hope someday we can congratulate them on being right, after all. I won’t hold my breath, but I’ve been wrong before.

Updated 6/27/2012  So I went ahead and posted the snide, condescending and childish comments, anyway. But they shouldn’t count on it anymore. 

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  1. Trust me, this website did not contribute to the bank’s demise. It only helped us to better understand what went wrong.

    • I’m still confused about the gloating. It is not clear to me how you can gloat when the status quo you are defending is dismally unsuccessful.

      • Check this at the “Status Quo” post. Click here. I think the few who participated in that behavior were so intent upon our defeat that they didn’t really realize just what it was that they had won. In fairness to them, I think everyone, on both sides, thought the bank was in better shape than it actually was. As it stands, they succeeded in keeping the status quo. They won?

        • Not sure how they could not know the situation was dire considering the regulatory enforcement actions in 2011. I considered it to be very serious and was shocked that it had come down to a C & D from the OCC. Back when I started in 2005, however, this would have been unimaginable.

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