It’s Friday



I heard THE RUMOR, again. Yep, this is the Friday the bank is going to close. I first heard that same rumor last December, sometime before Christmas.

You can check closings for yourself on the FDIC site,  and you can get there by clicking here. I’m told that from 5 to 6 p.m is the most likely time frame for closing announcements.

2 comments on “It’s Friday

  1. Maybe there is more to the rumor this time. I just looked at the stock and they will give $.35 a share. As they say “How low can it go?” How about 0. I will answer my own question.

    • Re: Rumors

      About six months ago, I received an early morning phone call, saying that there was a line of people on the sidewalk in front of the Princeton bank, waiting to close their accounts. The bank was only letting in five people at a time. I figured that I had to see this, so I drove past the bank. Nothing.

      Later, I heard that a particular Friday would be the day. I cruised past the bank after Friday closing time. Nothing.

      Maybe it’s like the weather man. Someday, he will predict rain, and he’ll be right.

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