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  1. Help refresh my recollection. Rodney Stickle was CFO and left in April. Todd Fanning, then serving as COO, also took on the CFO position in May. Fanning left in early June, leaving both the COO and CFO slots vacant.

    Louis Casto has taken over as interim CFO, although nothing seems to be known about him. A Google search didn’t identify any solid leads. (The closest I came was a Luis Casto employed as an officer of a bank in Miami.) We don’t seem even to know when Casto appeared on the scene. Assuming there was a gap between Fanning and Casto, who would have acted as CFO?

    Who is presently COO? Or is the position vacant?

    It’s all rather strange – in the past, the bank has issued press releases for even newly appointed mid-level managers.

    • Did anyone bother to contact the bank and ask? It takes less time than posting on this message board.

      • Why dont ya just prove that and let us all know Monday a.m. While youre at it ask your pals if theyre ever going to file on time again.

      • No comment from the guy with the bank connections? Either he didnt ask or they wouldnt tell him. Walks the walk is all.

  2. I thought upper level officer changes had to be reported to the SEC? Or did that go away when the stock went off the shallow end?

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