Class action update.

I have been informed that you do not need to send in your information as previously thought,  if you are interested in participating in a class action suit.  It appears that there is more groundwork to be done prior to the need for that information.

I have no other news at this time regarding such a lawsuit, but will keep you informed.

One of the crucial elements, as pointed out to me,  seems to be hiring  a qualified attorney who will take this case with no upfront cost to the shareholders. The logic is that there is no sense throwing good money after bad. I get that.

Another factor is, as pointed out on this site, the time remaining.




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  1. A bit off topic, but will someone please re-write the last few pages of the bank history, probably from 2003 on, to accurately reflect the despicable misdeeds and gross mismanagement that combined, have led to the final days of this once venerable institution?

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