Citizens is still in business.

Nothing from the FDIC on any closings in Illinois. Once more, the rumors were just that.

4 comments on “Citizens is still in business.

    • Another day of not knowing thats worse than being in business for the employees still there. I’m sure they would like to move forward and have some certainity.

  1. It’s called getting on with your life and facing reality whatever that may be. Sure it can be hard and take it from me it certainly is but life goes on and when time passes and you look back you think what a circus that was and I’m glad I’m not a part of it anymore. I can see Miller & Sorcic and look them in the eye and laugh because I know I’m way more of a person then they will ever be. Shame on Miller, Sorcic, Jill Smill, Funderburg, King, Bettasso, the board the list goes on and on!!!

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