The end.

I’m out of town, attending a wedding and get a call at 4:50 p.m. It’s on. The feds are here and the bank is being closed.


We knew it was coming.

One Hundred Forty Seven Years of tradition ends.

But a new beginning. Best wishes to Heartland and all of the employees who’ve retained their jobs. Good for you.

Read the FDIC press release here.

Give credit where it is due. Be sure to thank the following personnel when you see them:

Tony Sorcic

Craig Wesner

Gary Bruce

Steve Samet

Sharon Covert

John Ernat

and the rest of the board.

26 comments on “The end.

    • again, Leon needs to remember to not just focus on the bottom line but how his old amcore branches are being led, the old AMCORE ways remain strong to bad he probably isnt even aware of it.

      • I never met the man, but if he presided over Amcore’s failure, how did Leon wind up on top at the acquiring bank? There may be an object lesson here.

  1. I noticed this site expires Jan 2013. Good timing By then this will just be a memory of how bad things happen to good people and that bad people really do get what’s coming to them in the end.

  2. Let’s face it. If you knew the majority of Citizens employees you would know they weren’t happy. Years of Good Ole Boys running the bank without any consideration for anyone but themselves. The more money they had the more important “they thought” they were. If you want to know how citizens was viewed just ask the Somonauk Bank Group. They were a profitable bank who had to go down with the ship.

  3. The employees do not work for Heartland at 5:01 PM last night they went to work for and will be paid by the FDIC, this could go on for months until Heartland figures out who and what they are going to keep.
    One thing is for sure they must have made a very sweet deal with the Feds to take this dog, dozens of other Banks took a pass.

  4. These long term employees have been very Blessed for many years with a good paying job , hearty health benefits , 401k with company match, stock options (ha) and a respectable 8-5 job. Many Americans have had to go through several job changes due to the economy or just to provide health insurance for their families. There were millions of baby boomers forced out of work in 2008 with limited skills and competing against a younger less expensive work force and had to live on retirement assets to get by Very sad I just hope these people are grateful for what this bank has provided them for years and years. It’s always easy to be “poor me” when things are bad.

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