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As expected,  there has been very little communication on this site since Heartland took over. I’ve heard nothing of class action lawsuits since it was first brought up.  The interest seems to have dried up, or something else is going on.  I have heard of firings and of former Citizens employees losing benefits as well as their jobs. The fat lady has sung and the curtain is going down.


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  1. I suspect most of the previous posters here were stockholders – who have written off, at least psychologically, their investments in the bank – even though we are from far from happy. The last chapter has not yet been written. PNBC seems to be enough alive to issue a press release to investors that its stock is worthless, but not enough to give its explanation or appology to stockholders. Sad.

  2. Look for no apology. Sorcic apparently still believes he has done nothing wrong. I used to think he was pretty smart, but no longer. He’s acts like a twinkie. He “retired” in February 2010, the bank received a notice of unsafe and unsound banking in March, the next month, and he what? Blames it on Ogaard or the economy. Either he had to know that there were oodles of bad loans teetering on the brink as he left, or he ignored the examiners reports, or he is not very bright. The board never got it either. Tar and feathers for the lot.

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