Is the bank really closing October 26th?

This date was predicted a while ago as the final day, and the rumors are really flying again, but with some measure of credibility this time. Some of the other comments seem to corroborate the same info given to me by credible sources.  Depositors with over $250k were contacted and employees were emailed about taking home any CFNB advertising with the logo on it.

I don’t pretend to know. It will be sad for sure, when it happens.

Going Dark

I have included a link to an article from 2009 that helps with understanding the concept of “going dark” or voluntary delisting/deregistration. Click here to read this article. Keep in mind that it was authored in 2009.

I can usually decipher this stuff given enough time, but why doesn’t someone from the bank just come out and tell us why they are doing this?